New stuff up on McSweeney’s


How Can We Make Our Funded Program More Diverse Without Hiring More Faculty and Students of Color?

My latest with McSweeney’s Internet Tendency (about 1100 words.)

Thank you to Jenna Lyles and Jack Saul for their insight with this letter. Check out Jenna Lyle’s latest story on Passages North here:…/business-in-city-by-jenna-l…




Flash Fiction up at Split Lip Magazine

My Sad Werewolf is a flash story about proper guest etiquette.

Read it on Split Lip Magazine!


Thank you to Maureen and the entire Split Lip Team for helping bring this story to life!

Thank you to writer’s Kira Frank and Emily Montgomery who run the Tuscaloosa Writer’s In the School’s Program where I wrote an early draft of the story.

Essay in Electric Literature

In late September of 2017 I almost died of a heart attack. I wrote about it and published the essay in Electric Literature, which you can see here (about 2800 words)

The quotes used in this essay is from Roy Scranton’s Learning to Die in the Anthropocene

Reflections on the End of a Civilization which you can pick up from City Lights (The Publisher) here:


Seriously, pick it up. It’s an amazing read.

Third Post for The MFA Years: Consider a Workshop or Conference This Summer

If you follow this blog frequently, you probably fall into one of three categories:

  1. Applying for an MFA this year and anxiously waiting for the results of all your application labor.
  2. Highly or hardly considering an MFA and wanted to find out if current or past candidates got the most out their experience.
  3. Currently in an MFA and looking to help out who are navigating the treacherous waters of MFA applications or are considering one.

Regardless of where you are, I highly recommend thinking about a workshop, conference, and/or retreat this summer if you aren’t already.

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