From Trenton, New Jersey to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

There was something about taking the eight AM train that made Nikki happy. She took it every Monday through Friday for a job that just had her breaking even but that didn’t bother her. She was enjoying herself too much. She pretended to read the same novel for over a year while she caught glimpses of people’s eyes and faces, imagining what their lives were like and how good or bad they had it in the world. It was the overwhelming amount of people who were always different, always moving, and always in a hurry that let Nikki’s imagination run wild, allowing her a small piece of happiness in a world she didn’t control. She admired the endless drive for people to get some place to work and survive the next day that followed. The thought made her smile. She was satisfied living her life sitting on the train, wondering when everyone would realize they were all a part of some elaborate joke.


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