A French Girl Named Alexis

We turned around on East Colonial drive and drove West. The sun was red and small behind us. Whenever I drove Trey from one place to the next, there was always an awkward pause. We weren’t friends. We were hardly acquaintances.  We went to high school together and that was what tied us together. That, and we lived together now because it made financial sense.

The Trey I knew in high school didn’t exist anymore and the women of the world are probably better for it.  It had been six years since we shook hands and went off to different colleges, different paths. I shared a beer with him on graduation night as he boasted about all the women he had slept with in different public places. An Applebee’s Parking lot, Central Park in New York, a construction sight, and a hotel bathroom to name a few. I loathed him for it. Not because of his proud accomplishments but his need to tell me all the details no matter how many times I hinted not to.

But Trey was in love now and it was the worst possible thing that could’ve happened to him. He was obsessed over his Southern French girl. When a man like Trey falls in love with a woman, it’s a sight in itself. It’s an all or nothing kind of love. It was like nothing mattered except her, his precious Alexis. It was the only kind of conversation he wanted to talk about: her job, her family, her life, her genius, everything was always about her. Alexis. Alexis. Alexis.

But it was alright I guess. Trey was happy and I should be happy for him, cause’ men like Trey change for small moments of happiness no matter how brief it may really be.

We reached the Orlando International a little after seven AM, two hours before his departure time. He sat in the car for a few seconds before checking for the essentials; watch, wallet, etc. We shook hands and he said thanks and I said nothing back. “I think I may propose to her when I see her. It’s fucking awesome right?”

“Think about it Trey,” I said. “I mean really think about it before you do.”

He smiled and squinted his eyes at me like I was some fool. Some guy who missed out on the joke and just didn’t get it. Maybe he was right but I saw him go off and disappear into the terminal. He ended up doing it, proposing to her, and she said yes. I don’t know what happened to him afterwards. He stayed in France and just before they got married he deleted his Facebook.



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