The Missing Kids by the TastyKake Shelf

I was moving in a few days and Cindy didn’t want to know when I’ll be gone for good. When we first started dating, our conversations on the phone never ended but last night she called just to say, “I don’t really know who you are,” and then she hung up. She slept over my place this afternoon and after seven PM I took her to a well reviewed Chinese restaurant in midtown as an act of good faith. We stopped at a bodega for a six pack as I walked her back to her apartment, and she waited for me by the bulletin board near the entrance and the TastyKakes shelf. Lost, Missing, and Please Help! signs were hung together on a board. The smashed collection of signs bothered me. While he rang me up, Kurt texted me about an open bar at McFadden’s later on and I didn’t want to go but I told her about it anyway. She doesn’t say anything and keeps staring at the posters. When I told her a second time she finally shakes her head and mutters “I hope someone finds them,” to no one in particular as we walk out. I can’t avoid looking at the wall on the way out so I scan the missing faces and none of the kids are above the age of sixteen. I put out the images of the lost from my mind as Cindy waits by a no parking sign on the corner watching the traffic come to a halt. 


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