Stranger Things Can Happen

We awoke at the same time around nine in the morning. I was surprised that she stayed and that my wallet was still on the desk with the crumpled dollar bills and bar tabs from the night before. The Ritz hotel maids who came by the night before had changed the sheets and towels, but last night we the two of us turned all their work into shit. She kissed me on the cheek and whispered “Good morning,” with her eyes bright and wide even in the hangover fog.When I tried to kiss her back, she shook her head. “I just met you last night silly.” I figured there was something different about Korean women or maybe she just didn’t make any sense.
Naked, she got up from the bed and pulled her long jet black hair into a ponytail as she approached the windows. She pulled back the curtains and looked outside the empty streets of Atlanta from twenty stories high. Her face was empty of emotions. It was just her standing there without care whether a pervert was looking at her from across the street or how she looked.

She seemed different now, not like in the night. Back then, she was surrounded by darkness in a room of sweaty strangers and cigarette smoke, wearing a tight red dress. She approached me at the lounge, grabbed my hand and said, “dance with me.” I followed without saying a word. It was Saturday night, and who would say no to a pretty face? For two hours she said nothing and I didn’t bother to ask until she pulled me close and brought her head to mine. The club was drawing to a close, bringing the lights slowly to a low light and playing line dance music. She whispered into my ear,“I want to leave,” like I was some old boyfriend she knew. I took her back to the hotel and I did what she wanted. No questions, no names, just force and control. She seemed happy, until the morning came.

She didn’t look any different than what I saw last night. Just a curious stranger, baring herself to me in a vast and empty hotel room. What should I call her?

She turned to me, realizing I was staring and pointed out the window.

“I think they’re towing your car,” she turned back to the window. “Yeah, they’re towing your car.”


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